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Soluzioni di test LM-79 e LM-80

The U.S.A. Energy Star newest standard IES LM-79-19 had issued in 2019 year. LISUN engineer depts already public the Article: How the difference between the LM-79-19 and LM-79-08, the more details please review here: https://www.lisungroup.com/news/technology-news/interpretation-of-the-latest-american-energy-star-ies-lm-79-19-standard.html

LISUN supply the Integrating Sphere & Spectroradiometer System, Goniophtometer System and LED Optical Maintenance System to meet the LM-79-19, LM-80, LM-82 and TM-21

1. Sistema fotometrico, colorimetrico ed elettrico

Integrating Sphere and Spectroradiometer Test System is for single LEDs and LED lighting products light measurement. LED’s quality should be tested by checking its photometric, colorimetric and electrical parameters. According to IES LM-79-19, it recommends to using an array spectroradiometer with an integrating sphere to test SSL products.

Le misure:
• Colorimetrico: coordinate cromatiche, CCT, rapporto colore, lunghezza d'onda di picco, mezza larghezza di banda, lunghezza d'onda dominante, purezza del colore, CRI, CQS, TM-30 (Rf, Rg), test dello spettro
• Fotometrico: flusso luminoso, efficienza luminosa, potenza radiante, EEI, classe di efficienza energetica, flusso di pupilla, efficienza di flusso pupilla, fattore pupilla, flusso cirtopico, PAR e PPF (solo LMS-9000B / LMS-7000 può testare PAR e PPF)
• Elettrico: tensione, corrente, potenza, fattore di potenza (opzione: VF, IF, VR, IR), armonico (solo LS2010 può testare armoniche)
• Test di manutenzione ottica a LED: tempo VS flusso, tempo CCT VS, tempo VS CRI, tempo VS potenza, tempo VS fattore di potenza, tempo VS corrente e tempo VS efficienza flusso.

2. Sistema goniofotometrico per IES e test della curva di distribuzione

The LSG-5000 is fully meet LM-79-19 request. The LSG-1800B is an B-Beta and C-Gamma goniophotometer. The LSG-1800BCCD is a kind of goniospectroradiometer which has the Integrating sphere and goniophotometer functions. The LSG-1200A is only used to test the lamps which diameter is less than 180mm and beam angle is less than 180degree.

3. LED Optical Maintenance Test System

The LEDLM-80PL LED Optical Aging Test Instrument system is fully meet LM-80, LM-82 and TM-21 request. Some of the manufactory we advise to use SY2036 Aging and Life Test Rack with LPCE-2 (LMS-9000) to do an alternative test.

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